Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 03:54PM
Zina Rohan

Every morning at around 9.15 there's a young(ish) man in a cycling helmet and, indeed, on a bicycle who pauses on his journey to wherever in the alleyway near my house.

He's forty or so. He is slim. He always has iPod headphones; he is always texting someone; he has always just lit up a cigarette. One foot on a pedal, one on the ground - I must look next time to see if he wears cycling clips.

I assume he is not allowed/will not allow himself to smoke at home; he is contacting someone he does not wish those at home to know he is contacting; he is a creature of habit.

What is he listening to? Does the person at the other end of his texts know he is always in the same place every morning? Would they be put off by that regularity?  I think my non-cycling man imagines he is somehow breaking away. I think he is entirely trapped.

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