Alas Foolish Britain (I fear, I think)
Monday, June 6, 2016 at 10:07AM
Zina Rohan

If you live in the UK/Britain - and yes, I know these are not the same, you will by now be wishing June 23rd had been and gone. It isn't possible to turn on the radio (other than music stations) or open a newspaper (other than celebrity rags) without being assaulted by a rising screech of lies/partially unreliable assertions/wishful thinking/personal insults and anything else you might care to add.

How, in the end, is anyone to choose how to vote if they had not already made up their minds before the nonsense began?

I know, and knew, that I will vote to remain. My reasons are firstly that Europe in the 21st Century is no better intrinsically than it was in the 20th and could easily go to war with itself again but for the union that keeps peoples bound together, bound to talk, bound to argue, to negotiate, to lose their tempers (sure), to be irritated - but not to kill one another. (This is not to say that we don't cheerfully kill other people.)

Other than that I see no truth in the claims made by the Leave campaign that we are such a large and important economy, such a significant island(s) that we can manage very well on our own. No, we can't.

But of course I could be wrong. I would rather be wrong this way than that way.

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