The Name's Bond, James McBond

Scots are being threatened with the loss of the pound if they vote Yes in their independence referendum; also beware...membership of the EU may be out of your reach. But surely what really matters is whether or not those Bond films starring Sean Connery (the best Bond of the lot in my book and an ardent supporter of Scottish independence) should still be aired in the rump of the UK (or anywhere). 007 would have become an infiltrator into HM's Secret Service working for a foreign power.

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Trapped Wasp and Wondering Thoughts

A wasp that shouldn't be alive at this time of year has turned up in my kitchen and it's trapped. I can't let it out because the rain has so swollen the doors and window they won't open. I have been watching it buzz from pane to pane. It made me think of a Buddhist retreat I used to go to in Wales. There they used to rescue hornets that came into the house; carried them out; released them. Then the hornets would return and so it went.

These Buddhists were vegetarians. They would not kill anything. Not even the slugs that ate their lettuces. But they did introduce ducks into the greenhouse so that the ducks might eat the slugs - which they did (I don't know how many lettuces they also ate).

So now I am asking myself if using ducks to eat the nuisance slugs that your conscience will not allow you to kill yourself is a little like extraordinary rendition...on the part of British authorities doing a favour to their US allies.

The moral is possibly that no one should watch trapped wasps for too long.

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Local Living All Over Again

Many years ago I was given a lift home from an Iranian party by a young women who was an up and coming famous.

As we approached Kentish Town (where I live) she said, 'Why do all the mad people get off at Kentish Town?' It was a good question then and it's a better one now.

Let me describe them: there's the small woman with the shaven head and no teeth who pushes her possessions around in carrier bags in a supermarket trolley. Very occasionally she rants at something but rarely.

There's the elderly black woman always heavily rouged who never seems to walk, only sits - sometimes in silence watching, but often spitting obscenities at every individual passing by. 

There's the rather upper-class sounding young man with a megaphone who harangues us all as he stands outside Kentish Town station, orating about the various conspiracies behind everything.

And today, as so often, there's the tall middle aged character - lean, rangy in a long coat and beanie - who walks at speed around and around the raised platform where there is a flower stall, a few seats under a glass roof and a van selling coffee. He pushes a monocycle in each hand and talks without pause cheerfully, with excitement, at the top of his voice. 'I have the world's largest collection of knives,' he was announcing as I passed him this afternoon. 'You should see them. There's one for...'

Who should see them? All of us or the person in his head he was addressing? I have never seen him arrive nor depart. He is either there or he is not.

Why do all the mad people get off at Kentish Town? I have no idea.

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How to go Round in Circles

Start from point A (burning fossile fuels is speeding up the melting of Arctic ice).

Then go through here 

And you get to A again, only more so. Clever, eh?

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US, Iran, Israel...Hop Hop

Obama has chatted to Rouhani on the phone. Rouhani has said they can come to some arrangement over uranium enrichment.

Israel isn't happy with this. Rouhani has said Iranian citizens should be able to watch TV and use Facebook etc.

The Revolutionary Guard don't like this development any more than Israel likes the new chats. People have reason to make friends in the oddest places. I wonder if they will.

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