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Sunday Incidentals

Holloway Road, Sunday morning. A few mintes to eleven. The pavement already busy with shoppers. I pass a young woman crouching in front of a plate glass window, very still, engrossed by something. What could it be. I look at the window. There, resplendent, is a pair of very high-heeled red summer sling-back sandals, and the young women seems to be worshipping them. Why does she like them so much? Are they terribly out of her budget to keep her transfixed - unable to leave them, unable to reject them?

Then I hear something. The metal grate that covers the great doors when the shops are shut is sliding heavily upwards. The crouching girl has her finger on a button near ground level...

Later: on a 214 bus in Camden Town. Four ten year old boys (I know they are ten from clues they drop, but no matter) coming home (where is home?) from some sporting activity (they have trainers on and sporty trousers with the Nike logo and one of them is carrying a tube of something like shuttlecocks but I can't see well enough without prying - I am already prying). Good looking kids; one has a wide face with clear skin and lots of freckles; the second, next to him is called Janis (looks Greek) and obviously popular since the others are constantly trying to get his attention; the third looks like the ginger-headed character from the Harry Potter films (I can't remember either the actor's name not the chappie he plays), and the last has his back to me so I can't tell you what he looks like but probably quite presentable too.

As I sit down behind them Janis is saying, 'Guess what! The second-richest kid in my class comes to school in a Toyota Prius!' They look incredulous  - those whose faces I can see. But then he explains. 'But his other cars are an Aston Martin and a Bentley, and stuff.' What a relief.

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